OOTD: A Fit Made for a Princess

For years, I’ve dreamed of owning a Selkie dress. It didn’t help that all of my favorite influencers had one. Selkie dresses look so pretty – and feel fit for a princess. But when I look at the price tag on them, I’m not quite willing to pull out my credit card to purchase one. They’re expensive.

So when I found a perfect Selkie dupe at Hot Topic (of all places!), I was ecstatic. I couldn’t leave the store with out it.

The dress fits pretty well to size, but is slightly tight at the waist when zipping up. The length was perfect for me, as I wasn’t going for something as short as the actual Selkie dresses. Overall, it was exactly what I needed at $42.90. Oh, and it also comes in black for those who prefer to wear darker colors!

Of course after purchasing it, that meant I needed to find the perfect accessories to complete the outfit! Luckily, I had a few items that I had collected over the years or had recently purchased that worked well with the look I was going for.

One of the main things I wanted to get to make the dress feel complete was a waist cinch belt, particularly one that would be something I could use at a future renaissance festival. I was able to find some options on Amazon for pretty cheap and got a set that included both black and white. I wasn’t a fan of the shoelace-like string they used in the belt, so I grabbed some pretty floral ribbon from Walmart that matched the style I was going for.

The boots that I selected for this look were some cute pearl boots from Betsey Johnson that I got on sale. Unfortunately, it looks like the tall boots are no longer on the website, but they have a really cute bootie version of it that would be so fun to wear!

For jewelry, I mixed together some pieces that felt very woodland / cottage core with some bling. This included a some cute butterfly wing earrings I got at the last Texas Renaissance Festival (you can buy some on Amazon here), a pressed flower bracelet from Maurice’s, a pressed flower locket from Altar’d State, and some stacked Livy gold rings from Kendra Scott.

Oh, and if you’re curious about one of the most important parts of any main character dress? The Hot Topic dress is perfect to twirl around in (just maybe wear a pair of shorts underneath it).


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