Growing up, I’ve always wanted to take on the world. Maybe it was the writer inside of me. I couldn’t help but think of exciting scenarios where I’d become the main character of an intriguing storyline. Of course, I knew I was never going to battle dragons or use magic to take down a villain – but I’d hoped to be a part of something inspiring.

Unfortunately, as what happens to many of us, the “real world” was less interesting than any story would be. Don’t get me wrong – I felt like I was on top of the world attending cool events, dressing up in cute clothes, and being a part of the coolest organizations in Austin. But to be honest, I spent practically all of my 20s focusing on my education, work, volunteering… and more work. After a few years, reality hit hard with burnout and the realization that I was stuck in a cycle of “personal growth” that didn’t quite get me to where I needed to be. While I was definitely the main character of my own life, I wasn’t actually living as the main character of my life.

Fast forward to my 30th birthday. I’m finally working one job (with no after hours volunteering) and focusing on my career in marketing. After I clock out for the day? I’m just focusing on myself. Enjoying hobbies again. And ready to finally start living as a main character. This blog is a step forward in my journey to do just that.

My goal for “Living as the Main Character” is to eventually share how we can enjoy things from a variety of genres and tropes that make us feel like the main character, whether they are from a sweet rom-com or a thrilling adventure or an addicting isekai storyline. Maybe magic isn’t real and nobody will ever find a disguised prince in the US on vacation – but if we try hard enough, we can add our own magic into our lives.

So please join me for the launch of this blog, Living as the Main Character! I’m thrilled to start this journey with you all and to help shine the spotlight on all the “real world” things that can make you feel like the main character in your own life.

Founder, Living as the MC