What Is a “Main Character” Outfit?

As I was brainstorming promotions for this blog, I started thinking about fun TikTok videos that I could make to highlight the different main characters I want to write about. I came up with some skit ideas and found the sounds that would be perfect to use. As I got further into the planning process, I decided I needed to figure out “main character” outfits for my different personas.

But as I walked into my closet to look at what pieces of clothing I could use, I had to stop and ask myself… what even is a main character outfit?

There is no “One Fits All”

If you take a look at what your favorite superheroes are wearing, you’ll probably find a lot of spandex. And capes.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Beyond that, each superhero’s outfit has a lot of personality that speaks to their powers and preferences in clothing. You’ll probably see a special symbol or letter referencing their powers or name on the top of their outfit. Some wear pants, some wear a skirt. Some have masks, some don’t. Some of them even fight in heels (just thinking of that makes my knees hurt).

Photo by Juliana Stein on Pexels.com

If you look at fantasy characters, then you’ll see that the outfits change between social classes, species, job types, etc. While some characters may wear simple and comfortable tunics, you’ll have others wearing flowing gowns with gold threading and pearls on them. Knights and dwarves will probably wear thick armor to help protect them in battle from dangerous heavy weapons and arrows. Elves will most likely wear a lighter armor that is easier for them to move around in.

Even the accessories are different, depending on what the character is comfortable with using – be it a magical staff or an axe or a dagger.

But the end of the day, the main character’s outfit is whatever they are comfortable wearing that allows them to get their job done. A superhero is most likely not going to wear a princess dress for the final battle because they can’t move around in it easily. The knight isn’t going to wear simple garb because it doesn’t offer the protection they are used to, even if they do wear tunics and clothes that are easy to move around in when they are off duty.

Of course, the main character who randomly became the “chosen one” may end up wearing the most unrealistic outfit in the climax of the story – but it’s usually still something that they are comfortable wearing. And that could just be a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

You decide your own main character outfit

So, if there is no “one fits all” outfit, what can we wear in our every day lives to feel like the main character? The simple answer is: whatever makes you feel happy.

Literally, you just need to feel happy and comfortable and totally you in that outfit.

Your main character outfit is going to make you feel confident in your own skin and will help you power through whatever you have going on. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed in black or pink or yellow, or even if you are in sweatpants or the fanciest outfit you own.

For me, just wearing a cute and fun outfit makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. See this strawberry and raspberry dress? I feel like I could do anything when I put this on.

As the main character, you have all the power over yourself. So go decide what your own outfit (or outfits!) is and then wear it whenever you need to do something important… or just when you want to feel a little extra special.


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